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An estimate is the first step to your dream granite countertops quartz. This can either be done by visiting our locations with a layout or sketch with dimensions of your project or you can request an in-home estimate and one of our salesperson will measure and take samples based on what was requested. 

Although viewing of slabs is not necessary for plain quartz, for natural stones, viewing the slab is highly recommended, since no natural slabs are the same, except if they're cut from the same block. By viewing, it will ensure you get the right tones and veining.

Once you have received an estimate and you are ready to proceed, we  schedule an appointment to make templates. When templates are being made, questions on aesthetic might be asked to ensure that you get what you want and all details will be explained.  

Templates are done and fabrication starts.During our fabrication process we will lay the templates and vein match, cut the slabs according to templates or measurements, cut the sink(s) and polish the edges at our shop. 

Before installation, customers mini task is to get everything removed from the counters and drawers to make sure nothing get damaged during the installation. 

Finally, your project is being installed! During the installation we will tear out (If necessary), install the stone, sink, if there's seams, joint them and seal. All of this is done in one day. 

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